Food & Wine Tasting Tours

Guided by Certified Sommeliers

Barcelona's Food & Wine Tour with a Sommelier

Indulge in Barcelona’s vibrant culinary scene by savoring its food and wine offerings. Uncover the unique Spanish wine varieties and pair them with authentic tapas for a perfect match. This food and wine tasting tour is designed in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, suitable for everyone!

Rome's Food & Wine Tour with a Sommelier

Explore Rome's rich culinary traditions by sampling its exquisite food and wine offerings. Experience the distinct flavors of Italian wines and complement them with authentic Italian food for a delightful pairing. This food and wine tasting tour is created to be fun and inclusive for all!

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From world-renowned wines to award-winning restaurants, from traditional to creative cuisine, from cozy wine bars to food markets, Uncorked Vines offers experiences you don’t want to miss!

Small Groups

We value personal connections. Experience our tours in a small-group format!

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All of our guides are Certified Sommeliers. We couldn’t be more proud of our fantastic team. You’ll see why!

A Unique Experience 

Explore Barcelona’s & Rome's wine & food scene with a local expert!

About Us

Our shared passion for food and wine has united a community of sommeliers devoted to uncovering the unique styles of local wines. We delight in crafting extraordinary flavor combinations through innovative wine and food pairings that will captivate your palate. Our goal is to welcome you into our world and give you a glimpse of the delightful experiences that we have to offer. Don’t miss out on the fun – join us now!