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Tourism is one of the main catalysts driving the Spanish economy and Barcelona undoubtedly receives many international visitors every year. If you are looking to escape the unsettled English weather, and want to tantalise your taste buds, then look no further than the Barcelona food tour. This city is a dream place for those of you who are food lovers, with superb tapas bars and elegant wine bars, and as it is only a stone´s throw away from the famous Pyrenees, nestled on the Mediterranean coast, it is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Catalan food. If you are a foodie and a sun worshipper, you have come to the right place. Let us take the stress away, arrange your city break or summer holiday in the beautiful, culinary city of Barcelona and enjoy one of our famous Barcelona food tours.

Why choose our Barcelona Food Tour?

 Why should you choose one of our Barcelona food tours? We offer food tours with a small group, a maximum number of 6 people so you and your group will receive a personalised service, which is the best way for you to enjoy a weekend or more in this beautiful city, receiving first-hand information about a wide variety of tapas and regional dishes from a local guide and the only decision you will have to make is which dish you like best. Allow us to tickle your tastebuds and show you the best places to savour authentic Catalan food; you will get to experience the typical tastes and traditions that make Barcelona what it is, from “pan con tomate” (spicy potatoes, bread and tomato,) to the most delicious sandwiches on sliced bread. So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the Barcelona taste and get involved on a private food tours.

Authentic Local Cuisine

 There is no better moment to try out authentic local Catalan cuisine, thanks to our local guide who will take you to the best bars, giving you a real, authentic Catalan experience. Our Barcelona food tours will lead you through the neighbours of Sant Antoni and Poble Sec, two of the city´s current cuisine haunts. Get ready to be amazed as we whisk you away on a culinary experience you will never forget in four special restaurants in the city. A tour that will definitely whet your appetite and get you booking that flight quicker than you can say, “Barcelona food tour.” Our tapas restaurant will wow you with its amazing presentation and you will get the opportunity to try some authentic, Catalan cuisine, for example, Cal Marino is a bar in Poble Sec, home to “croquetas de setas” (mushroom croquetas) and “sobreasada con queso” (spicy pork sausage with cheese.) It is the perfect place to get together with friends, therefore giving you that authentic, local, Catalan experience.

Expert Food Guides

All of our Barcelona food tours are led by knowledgeable local guides, who are well-versed in Catalan cuisine and will ensure you get the most out of your stay in Barcelona, whether it be just for a weekend or longer. It would be easy to stay on the tourist route in this city, but our local guides will show you those special haunts, off the beaten track which are only known to true locals, giving you that authentic trip. You might feel overwhelmed with so many food options surrounding you, not knowing which you should sample, as well as not understanding the menus but worry no more, our local guides are there with you to translate the menu options, advising you which local dishes you should sample. You will have complete, stress-free foodie tour in your hands.

Customisable Experience

We can offer you a completely unique, customisable experience, aimed at those foodies who want to sample tasty, Catalan food while soaking up a real authentic experience. Small groups up to a maximum of 6 people mean that this is completely personalised, allowing the guide to look after each and every one of you as you walk from restaurant to restaurant. Meat-free dishes can also be offered to our vegetarian friends, ensuring that every last detail is taken care of, making your trip stress-free and relaxing. There is also the option of choosing a private tour with just your nearest and dearest, or even a romantic evening with just your partner. However, you want to customise your tour, our guides will take the time to personalise the trip, making the trip unforgettable, containing plenty of memories which you will treasure for years to come, ensuring you will be one of our returning clients. Private and luxury is the name of the game when you book a Barcelona food tour.

Best Barcelona Food Tours for every Taste

Whatever your taste you can find it doing the Best Barcelona Food Tours for every Taste, whether you are a vegetarian, a meat fan or simply eager to enjoy everything this great city has to offer. Our local guides will make sure you get first pickings at the best food on offer at every one of our stops along the route. You are advised to turn up hungry to these tours, as the food portions are generous, leaving you ample time to sample the best Catalan food. Infact we have been known to go a little bit over our scheduled finishing time due to the pleasant company we keep, and the authentic dishes available.

Barcelona Food and Wine Tour

Our Barcelona Food and Wine Tour is ideal for those of you who love your food and are keen to pair it with some delicious local wines. Our professional Sommelier is adept at pairing Spanish wines with traditional dishes to make your taste buds zing and give you that unforgettable experience. You can enjoy wine tasting at local vineyards which are your typical family-run wineries that have been around for centuries, giving you that real authentic feel while you enjoy elegant, local wines and tasty Spanish tapas. This is a wine experience that you really do not want to miss out on, including exquisite food and wine pairings and a journey in a 4x4 through 2000-year-old vines.

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tour

If you are really eager to try out some local, authentic Catalan food which has been locally sourced and produced then this is the tour for you. The Barcelona Eat Local Food Tour gives you the opportunity to visit local markets and producers, seeing first hand where your food comes from including sampling regional specialities. Your own personal guide will handpick every spot along the route to give you a taste of local life in Barcelona. You won´t feel overwhelmed with all the tasty food around you, as your personal guide knows exactly the right dishes to give you. On this Barcelona Eat Local Food Tour you will get the chance to sample Catalan life, “off the beaten track” so to speak, giving you that once in a lifetime moment to mingle with the locals.

Best Food Tours in Barcelona

The Best Food Tours in Barcelona are first-rate, and contain award-winning tour options, catering for every possible taste, whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian or an all-round foodie. All of our tours have been top-rated by English tourists and if you don´t believe us, just head on to the web to look at some of the reviews for yourself. Some of the comments include, “great commentary and niche food bites. Highly recommend!” and our reviewers are highly complementary about our local guides, describing them as “energetic, engaging and clearly enthusiastic.” You never have to worry about the portion sizes as various reviewers have said, “no one went away hungry,” or “there´s plenty of food so no worries about eating ahead of time or afterwards.” But don´t take our word for it, sign up and come and experience one of our famous food tours. There are plenty of tours to choose from so you just have to decide how long you want to come for.

Food Lover Tour Barcelona

The food lover tour Barcelona rates as one of our gourmet tasting experiences, and combines tasty, regional dishes with the opportunity to meet the chefs behind the cuisine, allowing you to get up close and personal with the famous names behind some of the region´s most famous dishes. Catalan clients have joined us on this tour and even they have been introduced to restaurants they had never set foot in before, so this is a real gem of a tour, certain to impress even the toughest clients.
One example tour is where you can learn about the local cuisine, getting to know two of the best markets in the city. This tour is two-fold, allowing you the opportunity to discover local products handpicked by a professional chef, as well as the unique opportunity of learning the ins and outs of Mediterranean cuisine with a hands-on cooking session lead by a local chef. The cherry on top arrives at the end, where you are given the chance to sample what you have cooked.

Similar tours allow you to experience a true Catalan market, “La Boqueria” with a local, professional chef learning about fresh, local ingredients before heading to a professional kitchen to cook a traditional seafood paella. The only decision you have to make is which tour to pick.

Themed Food Tours in Barcelona

There are many themed food tours in Barcelona to tickle your fancy, from the classic tapas tours to your vegan tour. And no course no tapas would be complete without some elegant, regional wines.

Tapas Food Tour

A variety of tapas food tours will make your stay memorable, and you only need to choose from tapas and wine, enjoying Barcelona at sunset or tapas, taverns and history. Either way you will taste delicious tapas, giving your tastebuds the treat, they deserve. During the Barcelona at sunset tour, you get the opportunity to try a variety of tapas paired with five Catalan wines. You will feel right at home here, eating and drinking modern and traditional tapas like a true Catalan. Some of the highlights include a trendy tapas bar in the heart of the city, a bar which focuses on combining Catalan and Latin American cuisines and one of the most sought-after bars in the city, which is most definitely the place to be if you want to completely immerse yourself in Catalan tapas culture. The tapas, taverns and history tour highlights include a variety of different tapas at three amazing, tapas bars, a 50-minute walking tour, sampling those foods that have shaped the city of Barcelona as well as learning how history has influenced the food we eat today and lastly tasting those traditional, Catalan tapas bites at the few remaining traditional bars in the Gothic quarter. Although we can´t promise that all of these highlights will be included in the tours as it depends on the season, the group size and even the day of the week, what we can say is that your tour will always be a memorable experience.

Vegan Food Tour

Those of you who are die-hard foodies in addition to being vegan have not been forgotten. This vegan food tour combines the main aspects from the other food tours, such as the customised and personalised experience of being led around Barcelona by a local guide who has the knowledge and expertise of the area and can show you the best places to eat within the city, which are guaranteed vegan friendly places. We will offer our vegan clients exactly the same experience, as if you were meat lovers; nothing is too difficult, and we will do our utmost to make this a tour one to remember, sending you back home with those magical memories.

Practical Information for your Barcelona Food Tour

Having gone through at length what the different tours available to you are, you now might be ready to make your decision. Before you do so, you will need to make sure you are acquainted with some practical information for your Barcelona food tour. All of our tours take place over approximately 3 hours, If you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies, you are requested to notify us when you make the booking; vegetarian dishes can be offered on request and a vegan food tour is available, but unfortunately the Barcelona food tour is not recommend for celiacs because of the risk of cross-contamination when the food is being cooked. Every tour has a different meeting point, depending on where it takes place and the different stops contained within the tour. Once you have made your booking, and as the date of your tour draws closer, you will be informed about the meeting point. The meeting points are final, and everyone on the tour has no alternative but to meet here. Unless specified, hotel pick up and any type of transfer isn´t included in the final price in any of the highlighted tours, although wherever possible we endeavour to make sure that there are plenty of public transportation options nearby to make your tour as accessible as possible. Depending on the tour there are different types of cancellation policy, for example the Barcelona sunset tour, with the tapas and wine offers a full refund when cancelled 4 days in advance and the Barcelona food and wine tour gives you complete peace of mind with a full refund when cancelled at any time. There are also certain tours which work with a 24-hour cancellation policy, whereby a full refund will be guaranteed for any changes made up to 24 hours in advance of the experience. We do understand that unexpected things can occur before your trip and to endeavour to make things as easy as possible for you, but unfortunately no refunds can be given for late arrivals on the day of the tour, or no-shows. 

 Whichever Barcelona food tour you choose you can be certain that every tour will give you high quality service, tasty cuisine and a memorable experience in one of Spain´s top destinations. You will discover stunning gems with our professional, local guides, starting you on your journey to becoming a true Catalan. There is nothing stopping you, go and book your flights and accommodation now.