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The wine sector plays a pivotal role in Spain, and Spanish wines are the second-largest denomination internationally exported by volume, and the third largest internationally by value. Altogether, Spain has 69 different wine regions which are officially recognised. The statistics back up the prestige of Spanish wine in the sector, and you could come and try them out for yourself if you come and take part in our wine tasting in Barcelona, finding out the tricks of the trade and the secrets to what makes Spanish wine one of the best in the world. The city is located near the Penedés wine region, and this is one of the top 5 regions within Spain itself. This type of tour is ideal if you love your wine and would like to learn more about the different types of wine available, as well as how to pair them with different dishes, to truly make the wine explode on your tongue.

Why Choose our Wine Tasting Barcelona Experiences?

 There's only question you need to concern yourself with, and that is, why you should choose our wine tasting Barcelona experiences? Our Barcelona wine tours have been specially created for those people who are passionate about wine, allowing you to experience a tour with a professional sommelier, where you'll be completely immersed in Catalan culture, tasting local dishes and wines which have been paired to tantalise your tastebuds. You will taste the wine in a small group with a maximum of 6 people, giving you that authentic, personalised experience, sampling the best wines from the region, hand-picked by your sommelier. The neighbourhoods of Sant Antoni and Poble Sec will give you that authentic, Catalan experience, two of the best areas in the city to sample the region's tastiest wine. This is a small group tour with the best wine in the region that you cannot afford to miss, giving you a great excuse to book a city break, escape the miserable British weather and get some sun at the same time.

Expert Wine Guides

 All of our wine tours are led by expert wine guides, who hand-pick the wines, pairing them with local dishes as easily as chocolate and orange, to give you a completely unforgettable experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable sommeliers will introduce you to at least 4 Catalan wines, as well as the opportunity to sample Spain's favourite cava, which is made only an hour from the city. A trendy wine bar sets the scene for one of the stops, allowing you to savour Catalan wine which has been made through both traditional and new winemaking methods. During the third stop, your expert wine guide will introduce you to some of Spain's top-notch red wines, pairing them harmonizing with delectable Catalan dishes. The fourth stop gives you the chance to jump into the heart of Barcelona itself, discovering its rich heritage through the stunning wine regions that inhabit Spain. All of this can only be possible with our tour guide, who has local knowledge and can transmit it in an energetic and lively manner, making your experience truly unforgettable.

Personalised Tasting Sessions

Your personalised tasting sessions are led by a local, specialised tour guide who will guide you as you taste different speciality wines, paired with local dishes. Your guides have been specifically chosen because they are knowledgeable about the area, and due to the small group size, everyone will receive personalised attention during the entire tour. After this tasting session, you will be better versed to recognise different varieties of wine.

English-speaking Tours

 One of the idiosyncrasies about the British weather is that on one single day everything is possible, whether that be rain or shine, or even snow, and it pays to be prepared for every eventuality. All of our wine tasting Barcelona tours have been completely prepared in English, so you are completely immersed in Catalan culture, without having any difficulties understanding any of the information presented to you. English is the international language, so for this reason, our tours are also international, and you can meet lots of friends from all around the world, as some reviews highlight, people from the US, Israel and Lithuania on the same tour just added to the enjoyment factor. Our guides are completely fluent in English and are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Top Barcelona Wine Tasting Tours for Every Preference

 Whether you are passionate about red wine or in love with white wine, there is always something for everyone on a top Barcelona wine tasting tour. Spain has a variety of top-quality wine for every palate, and this includes Barcelona wine. The Penedés region will show you that Catalan wine is up there with some of the best varieties in the world.

Barcelona Wine Tasting Tour

Our Barcelona wine tasting tour allows you to get a guided tour of local wine and tapas bars in the Sant Antoni district, allowing you to sample our delectable wines, as well as learning about where they come from. You will receive an introduction to Spanish wines, as well as some Catalonian wines, getting you well on the road to educating your palate in the art of Spanish wine. In addition, your guide will inform you about the famous history of these grapes coupled with where they come from, giving you that complete authentic wine tasting tour in Barcelona.

Barcelona Wine Tasting in San Antoni

On our food and wine tour with a sommelier, you will get to experience this tour through the neighbourhoods of Sant Antoni and Poble Sec, which are Barcelona's up and coming neighbours for restaurants and wine bars. One of the particular highlights on this tour is a trendy wine bar which showcases our famous wines which have been crafted using both traditional and modern winemaking methods. In addition, you will learn first-hand about wine production and terroir, the environmental and cultural influences in growing grapes and making wine and why they are important in the field, as well as sampling our elegant varieties of Spanish wine, which have been made using our superb grapes from the Penedés region. Not a tour to be missed due to the fascinating history behind the grapes used in the winemaking, grown only a stone's throw away from Barcelona, allowing you to experience all of this while you wander through San Antoni, one of the city's famous wine bar districts. You will leave Spain with unforgettable memories staying with you for years to come.

Best Wine Tasting in Barcelona

Why should you sign up for the best wine tasting in Barcelona? You will receive top-rated wine tasting experiences, personalised wine tasting sessions with a small group, ensuring that you are always given personal attention by our professional and knowledgeable sommeliers, who will tell you about our award-winning wines and how they are made in the nearby Penedés region. “We visited some great local places, enjoyed plenty of delicious food and drink and made some outstanding friends,” says one reviewer and a large majority of our reviewers are extremely complimentary about our tour guides, calling them, “informative and knowledgeable,” to name a few. With such fantastic reviews, do yourself a favour and come and find out for yourself why our wine tasting tours are top-rated.

Themed Wine Tasting Tours in Barcelona

 There are a variety of themed wine tasting tours in Barcelona, something for everyone and the only thing you need to decide on is what your passion is, whether that be cava, wine tasting with tapas, wine tasting in the city centre or even wine and cheese tasting.

Cava Wine Tasting in Barcelona

 The Penedés wine region is the main wine area near Barcelona, and it used to be known purely for its cava, which is the traditional sparkling wine from Catalonia. By doing cava wine tasting in Barcelona, you will get the chance to discover Catalonia's sparkling wine, as well as the opportunity to discover why this region is so important in the history of Barcelona's wine-making. You will also get the opportunity to taste 3 wines and 4 different cavas, placing the emphasis firmly on wine tasting.

Tapas and Wine Tasting in Barcelona

The perfect tour for those of you who love your wine and your tapas, combines tapas and wine tasting in Barcelona. Pairing Spanish wines with delicious tapas will give you that tour to remember, getting to know new people, who might even become friends while you eat and drink tasty Catalan food and wine. Spain's first-rate wines will be harmoniously blended with tasty, Catalan dishes that you will want to come back to time and time again. You will explore the city's tapas scene with a knowledgeable local guide who will entertain you at the same time as informing you about the history of our wines. A tour with tapas that you won't want to miss out on.

Wine Tasting Barcelona City Centre

Wine Tasting in Barcelona city centre will combine the historical Gothic quarter in the city with an authentic wine tasting tour. What more could you wish for? A small group with a maximum of 10 people will give you that entertaining but personalised tour as you stroll around the centre of Barcelona with your local guide, visiting some urban wine bars and tasting rooms. Smoked sausage and cheese pairs well with sparkling wine and the tapas bars bring you a taste of what Spain does best, simple, full-bodied dishes with top quality ingredients. Wine tasting events in the heart of Barcelona are something you can tell your friends and family about back home; make them envious of the tour you have experienced and bring them along next time.

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Barcelona

If you are a wine lover, then there is no better pairing than a wine and cheese tasting in Barcelona. Sample regional cheeses and wine pairing that will truly give your tastebuds the adventure they deserve. You will enjoy a selection of Manchego cheeses, which is a cheese famous for its creamy flavour and unforgettable, strong flavour. Included are various types which have been allowed to age for different months, meaning you can experience the evolution of their flavours, and, of course, learn about Spanish cheese varieties. This is undoubtedly one of the best tours for foodies and wine lovers alike.

Practical Information for your Wine Tasting Experience

Having gone through at length what the different tours available to you are, you now might be ready to make your decision. Before you do so, you will need to make sure you are acquainted with some practical information for your wine tasting in Barcelona. The length of the tour depends on what is offered and where the tour takes places, for example, the Barcelona tapas and wine experience, walking tour lasts for around 3 hours, whereas the Barcelona tapas and wine walking tour of also 3 hours. If you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies, for any of the tours where tapas is offered with wine, you are requested to notify us when you make the booking; vegetarian dishes can be offered on request and a vegan food tour is available, but unfortunately none of our tours are recommended for celiac because of the risk of cross-contamination when the food is being cooked.

 Every tour has a different meeting point, depending on where it takes place and the different stops contained within the tour. Once you have made your booking, and as the date of your tour draws closer, you will be informed about the meeting point. The meeting point is final, and everyone on the tour has no alternative but to meet where specified. Unless highlighted, hotel pick up and any type of transfer isn't included in the final price in any of the highlighted tours, although wherever possible, we endeavour to make sure that there are plenty of public transport options nearby to make your tour as accessible as possible. Our tours predominantly offer a 24-hour cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel the tour up to 24 hours before the tour starts, free of charge. We do understand that unexpected things can occur before your trip and try to endeavour to make things as easy as possible for you, but unfortunately no refunds can be given for late arrivals on the day of the tour, or no-shows. 

 Spanish wine is known around the world for its all-round good price, coupled with that full-bodied flavour, leaving you certain to come back for more. Whether you choose a wine and cheese tasting, wine and tapas or even a classic wine tasting, you can be sure that every tour will meet your high expectations, giving you that perfect opportunity to savour Spain's wine. We make sure that everyone who attends our wine tastings in Barcelona leaves with their stomach full, with their brain curious to learn more about Spanish wine history, and of course with an abundance of lifetime memories. Every tour has been specially selected to leave no stone untouched, but to give you that thirst that guarantees you will come back for more. Most of our tours are guaranteed to be a sell-out, but do not take our word for it, find your hotel, book your flights and come and join us on a wine tasting tour in Barcelona.